Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Burrito - Carne Asada Burrito

With Ben unavailable we decide to embark on our first repeat visit of Burrito Quest 2.  This burrito was cursed from the get go.  They took forever to make, then the bag ripped when Daniel was carrying it into the house and the burritos fell into the street.  Luckily the wrappings stayed intact and this lousy recording got made.  The burrito tasted salty and processed.  Also, some of them were less than warm and needed reheating.  Bigger and more filling than our first trip to Green Burrito, the price was still not worth it.  We actually have guests again, and though they immediately regret it, Alex and Tony did the best they could to stand in for Ben.  Speaking of Ben, he catches a lot more shit than usual, which about right given that he wasn't present.  But really, he's the lucky one.  All in all a very depressing episode.

Ingredients - "Grilled steak, freshly made salsa, guacamole, and jack and cheddar cheeses wrapped in a flour tortilla"

Daniel - Ben having to hang out in Nebraska watching old people play Yahtzee, the opposite of fun.
Isaac - When my dog eats cat crap, I think it's hilarious at first, then he licks me in the face.
Alex - Very regretful, I should have stayed home.
Tony - It should have been Taco Bell.

BQ2 - Episode Nineteen

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