Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week Fifty-Seven

Ultimate Breakfast
Burrito Quest Update: BQ is almost over!  Well, kind of.  We've decided to continue on from the specialty menu and eat the burritos from the regular menu as well.  Wow, are our listeners lucky!  In this installment Ben expresses his unrequited love for butter, Isaac wants to name a burrito the Dildo, and Daniel imagines old people in super-hero costumes.  We all prove that we, after all the messes, now know how to deal with greasy mess-fest burros.

Ingredients: Sausage, Veggies, Eggs, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Failing a class you should have passed, and realizing you should have passed it.
Daniel - Old coconut water, it's bitter and nasty, unlike fresh coconut water.
Isaac - Salt & Vinegar chips, I usually hate what Ben loves, so there you go.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week Fifty-Six

Ultimate BBQ
Recording snafu!  How did we make it this far without one before?  At least we noticed it before we had been going for more than a few minutes.  In this episode we try not to plumb the depths of Ben's retarded brains.  Also we bust on Alex a little bit.  But only a little.  Then the episode devolves into Cheez Ums and half-burrito frugality.  We're sorry.

Ingredients: Chicken, Steak, Bacon, Onions, BBQ Sauce, and Cheese

Ben - Banana, one that you haven't eaten soon enough.  I don't like mushy bananas.
Daniel - Dungeons & Dragons novels, they're occasionally alright when I need something to shut my brain off and just read and have a good time with.  But it's entertaining still.
Isaac - Cheez Ums, I'd rather have a Cheez It any day.  No wait, Cheese Nips, there's no such things as Cheez Ums.  I'd rather have a Cheez It, Cheez Its are pretty good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week Fifty-Five

Trucker Special
Greasy, just like you like it.  A messy, gut-bomb of a burrito.  Isaac booshes Tony while claiming to not want to boosh Tony.  Ben likes the word 'gritty.'  Daniel espouses about the current technological capabilities of scantrons.  We all use Doritos as palate cleanser, if that's any indication of how much we liked it.

Ingredients: Chorizo, Sausage, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Needing to get an oil change, but not getting around to it.  I'm sort of vaguely failing, but can't put a finger on what went wrong.
Daniel - Sarah Palin, in the immortal words of Stephen Colbert, "She's a fucking retard."
Isaac - A No. 2 pencil, it's about that exciting.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week Fifty-Four

The Bear
The Undiscovered Burrito!  The Bear has been added since we started these shenanigans.  And we found it just in time.  All in all a pretty lame burro.  Use a tortilla instead of a bun for a mediocre bbq sandwich, and you have this burrito.  Daniel is still butt hurt about the Iron Man.  Isaac seems to think these recordings are actually in some way humorous.  Ben may or may not get turned on by burritos. 

Ingredients: Brisket, BBQ Sauce, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Retarded people, I feel bad for them but they seem like they're having a pretty good time.
Daniel - Ben's beard, it's very thick and I don't want it in my mouth.  That's what she said!
Isaac - Not the Rock, I'd eat this before the Rock, but I'd rather not eat either.