Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chabela's - Chile Relleno Burrito

Chabela's used to be another restaurant, also Mexican.  It is still a Mexican place, only under another name, so you would think they'd know what a chicharrone was.  Apparently, no.  The relleno had heat (a plus) but the breading was typically soggy (a minus).  In all fairness, keeping breading crispy when wrapped up in a tortilla is a difficult feat.  The taste and heat of the chile elevate this to 'pretty good' territory, without it though it would likely sit firmly with the 'mediocre' tier.  Our history comes back on us as we diverge almost immediately into talking about burritos from Santa Fe Grill.  But we are consummate amateurs and get back on topic eventually.  Of course, that mostly results in us complaining about the burrito crapping its ingredients all over the place; a common occurrence with refried beans as an ingredient.  We also bitch more about the same shit as last time.  Enjoy!

Ingredients - Relleno, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Sledgehammer, I really like sledgehammers, I don't know if a sledgehammer is a real practical hammer all the time, but if I had one I would show it to people.
Daniel - A digital camera, I like them when they are conveniently small, not when big and bulky.
Isaac - Shotguns, shotguns are good, they're a terrific standby, but sometimes they are not the coolest, and I think everyone should have a shotgun.

BQ2 - Episode Fourteen

Monday, July 19, 2010

Taqueria Chavez - Carne Asada Super Burrito

Our first taco truck burrito experience.  A bit on the dry side, they are pretty tasty with ingredients we rarely see in other burritos.  Not that their not in there, we just can't make them out from the general mush.  Lesson one for taco trucks, if you visit them after their busy time (read: probably lunch) they may be out of some of their food products.  As a result we ponder what 'al pastor' means.  Turns out it means "Shepherd Style", which we would imagine relates to something dirtier.  In burrito news, Princess Tacos, the oldest establishment our quest has visited, has apparently closed down.  It is a sad day for sketchy food establishments.  We wonder whether people like this bullshit enough to actually contribute money to buy burritos.  We may never know.  Also, we are rapidly running out of burrito establishments that are a) open after 6 and b) open on Monday.  We see Saturday burrito lunches and/or breakfasts in our future. 

Ingredients - Carne Asada, Lettuce, Onions, Rice, Cilantro, and Salsa.

Ben - Free couch, I liked getting a free couch at one time, but now that I can get my own couch I don't want anymore couches.
Daniel - A Big Wheel, for some reason it's a little nostalgic, then the tire splits and it all kind of falls apart.
Isaac - A chair, it's about that exciting, but it serves a really good purpose.

BQ2 - Episode Thirteen

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alice the Burrito Lady - Red Chile/Green Chile Burritos

Our first guest in some time, Jenni joins us for these footlong burritos.  Tasty, big, and cheap, we can see why this place was able to expand out of Canutillo into the surrounding market.  The construction was mildly disappointing as it made for a mess, but the homemade tortillas made up for it.  Two good burritos in a row; if this keeps up we shudder at the eventual burrito-tastrophe.  This sparks a conversation about why at least one of us generally found more faults in more of Santa Fe Grill's burritos.  We discuss the blog's 'spike' in traffic after Isaac posted a link on Facebook.  Also the comment from The Hot Sluts.  Thanks for the interest, The Hot Sluts, and keep the "hard" questions coming.

Ingredients: Red Chile, Beef, Potato, Beans, and Cheese/Green Chile, Pork, Potato, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Stacks of tiles at hardware stores, where you think 'You know I could tile something with those' and then you don't.  Wistful.
Daniel - Having a robot in your pocket.  But a smartphone, not a real person-shaped robot.
Isaac - Bears, brown or tie-dye, they're pretty badass, and high-quality apex predators.
Jenni - Book burning, satisfying, but I kind of regret doing it.

BQ2 - Episode Twelve

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miguel's - Green Chile Pork Burrito

One might say that one could throw a rock in this town and hit a burrito place.  The resulting burrito, in this case, might just be delicious.  Miguel's is some small place that none of us had ever heard of, and that provided us burritos when Go Burger failed us with it's breakfast/lunch only service hours.  Good on ya, Miguel's!  A tasty, spicy burrito, they also serve up some tasty, kind of vinegar-based salsa.  And they are apparently open 24 hours-a-day (but only on the weekend).  Burrito Quest enthusiastically recommends!  Also, the quest goes international as a random web hit from Brazil excites us all.  We doubt it is Shakira, or even that she's Brazilian.  We wonder whether burrito lovers would appreciate a burrito automat.  Daniel relates a story about a fish burrito with coleslaw he had in Tucson.

Ingredients: Pork, Green Chile

Ben - Giant squid, they're kind of remote...giant tentacles, they're really smart and can control technology and fight whales; I like giant squid, who doesn't?
Daniel - Drinking beer on the porch in the summertime, in the evening, I like the simplicity and the flavorfulness.
Isaac - Cadbury egg, they're pretty good but there's bad things about them too.

BQ2 - Episode Eleven