Monday, July 19, 2010

Taqueria Chavez - Carne Asada Super Burrito

Our first taco truck burrito experience.  A bit on the dry side, they are pretty tasty with ingredients we rarely see in other burritos.  Not that their not in there, we just can't make them out from the general mush.  Lesson one for taco trucks, if you visit them after their busy time (read: probably lunch) they may be out of some of their food products.  As a result we ponder what 'al pastor' means.  Turns out it means "Shepherd Style", which we would imagine relates to something dirtier.  In burrito news, Princess Tacos, the oldest establishment our quest has visited, has apparently closed down.  It is a sad day for sketchy food establishments.  We wonder whether people like this bullshit enough to actually contribute money to buy burritos.  We may never know.  Also, we are rapidly running out of burrito establishments that are a) open after 6 and b) open on Monday.  We see Saturday burrito lunches and/or breakfasts in our future. 

Ingredients - Carne Asada, Lettuce, Onions, Rice, Cilantro, and Salsa.

Ben - Free couch, I liked getting a free couch at one time, but now that I can get my own couch I don't want anymore couches.
Daniel - A Big Wheel, for some reason it's a little nostalgic, then the tire splits and it all kind of falls apart.
Isaac - A chair, it's about that exciting, but it serves a really good purpose.

BQ2 - Episode Thirteen

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