Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Miguel's - Green Chile Pork Burrito

One might say that one could throw a rock in this town and hit a burrito place.  The resulting burrito, in this case, might just be delicious.  Miguel's is some small place that none of us had ever heard of, and that provided us burritos when Go Burger failed us with it's breakfast/lunch only service hours.  Good on ya, Miguel's!  A tasty, spicy burrito, they also serve up some tasty, kind of vinegar-based salsa.  And they are apparently open 24 hours-a-day (but only on the weekend).  Burrito Quest enthusiastically recommends!  Also, the quest goes international as a random web hit from Brazil excites us all.  We doubt it is Shakira, or even that she's Brazilian.  We wonder whether burrito lovers would appreciate a burrito automat.  Daniel relates a story about a fish burrito with coleslaw he had in Tucson.

Ingredients: Pork, Green Chile

Ben - Giant squid, they're kind of remote...giant tentacles, they're really smart and can control technology and fight whales; I like giant squid, who doesn't?
Daniel - Drinking beer on the porch in the summertime, in the evening, I like the simplicity and the flavorfulness.
Isaac - Cadbury egg, they're pretty good but there's bad things about them too.

BQ2 - Episode Eleven

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