Monday, August 31, 2009

Week Thirty-Two

Jerry Springer
This recording was less structured, if that's possible.  We just kind of started the recording and rambled for a while.  Ok, so it's kind of like most of the other recordings: we talk nonsense about some mediocre burrito.  It was the first burrito after the Iron Man, so there's a lot of discussion about that too.

Ingredients: Turkey, Potato, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Slow moving traffic, when you're in slow moving traffic you cease to care about where you're headed.
Daniel - Riding an elephant in Thailand, good/bad 'cause you get to ride an elephant, but that elephant may be being mistreated when you're not there.
Isaac - Some food that my roommate Tony would make, this could have been an ok burrito but it could have had a lot more to it.
$teve - Generic vanilla ice cream, it could use something to go with it, but it's generally just ok.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week Thirty-One

Iron Man
The lost burrito.  Ben and Isaac decided not to wait till later in the week and went ahead and Quested with $teve while Daniel was out of town for work.  Daniel got really pissed, Isaac apologized, and Ben blamed the whole thing on Isaac.  Tellingly, the recording of their betrayal was deleted from $teve's mp3 player by his daughter.  Here's a small sample of how Daniel felt after the fact:

"A-holes! Most of my rage at you crackers questing without me now stems from the fact that I ate the Iron Man and its mediocrity was appalling. I hear y'all thought it was delicious. Also, eating these crappy burritos alone is just sad. Fuck you guys."

Ingredients: Chicken, Rice, Green Chile, and Salsa

Ben - ???
Daniel - It tasted like betrayal.
Isaac - ???
$teve - ???

Friday, August 21, 2009

Week Thirty

Green Mile
Ben makes up for his Gobbler absence by eating the Gobbler right before he eats the Green Mile.  A true Burrito Knight!  Amy joins us again, and again (smartly) chooses to go her own way in choosing a burrito.

Ingredients: Green Chile Pork, Pico, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - A dream that you forget after you wake up, I just ate the Green Mile, and the Gobbler, and I can't remember what the Green Mile tasted like.
Ben (Gobbler) - Cold chili, that wasn't very good to begin with, maybe with a bunch of salt in it too.  Or, shitting in your sleep.
Daniel - Going to a kind of nice part of Mexico, it's probably going to be a pretty cheap vacation, maybe a little bit spicy 'cause you're in Mexico, but other than that it's just gonna be ok.
Isaac - Mediocre drunk food, I had 8 beers before I came here, I liked it but probably only because I was drunk.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week Twenty-Nine

Ben was not in attendance due to his anniversary and travel plans compressing possible Quest dates.  Jenni and Alex stood in, and they did an admirable job.  Oh, the burrito...Worst.  Burrito. Ever.  Or to date anyway.

Ingredients: Turkey, Ham, Veggies, Pico, and Cheese

Daniel - Going to the dentist, there's nothing good about this burrito.
Isaac - A steaming pile of shit.
Alex - Way worse than that hair in the back of my throat that I can't get rid of.
Jenni - A nasty roadside buffet in the middle of nowhere, like in Texarkana, it's Texarkana bad.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Week Twenty-Eight

Eye Opener
The first bite was ok, but it got exponentially worse as we ate it.  A burrito we universally disliked due to its greasiness. If you don't listen to this podcast, you won't be able to hear this burrito get rated as waking up in the same place you threw up. So do it!  Ben's face in the picture tells the tale.

Ingredients: Sausage, Veggies, Green Chile, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Waking Up In The Same Place You Threw Up, you must have done something good to get there but...
Daniel - Doing Handyman Work Yourself and Discovering You Did a Bad Job, 'cause when you're doing it it's rewarding, but in the end all you made was a rewarding mess.
Isaac - Being an Asshole When You Don't Even Know It, and finding out later then owing someone money for it.
$teve - Cheetos, dangerously cheesy.