Monday, August 3, 2009

Week Twenty-Eight

Eye Opener
The first bite was ok, but it got exponentially worse as we ate it.  A burrito we universally disliked due to its greasiness. If you don't listen to this podcast, you won't be able to hear this burrito get rated as waking up in the same place you threw up. So do it!  Ben's face in the picture tells the tale.

Ingredients: Sausage, Veggies, Green Chile, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Waking Up In The Same Place You Threw Up, you must have done something good to get there but...
Daniel - Doing Handyman Work Yourself and Discovering You Did a Bad Job, 'cause when you're doing it it's rewarding, but in the end all you made was a rewarding mess.
Isaac - Being an Asshole When You Don't Even Know It, and finding out later then owing someone money for it.
$teve - Cheetos, dangerously cheesy.

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