Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week Forty-Nine

Red Rider
A crowded Quest for the end of the year.  Jon, Cameron, Sage, and Alex all join us for this moderately better than average burrito.  They were all lucky that this week was not the Rambler.  For us regular Questers, we were lucky not to have a really crappy burrito for the last of the year.  To round things out we all do shots of salsa.

Ingredients: Red Chile Pork, Eggs, and Cheese

Ben - Waking up on your day off at 7 o'clock, I like sleeping in on my days off a lot, it's vaguely disappointing, like you should be happy but you're not really happy.
Daniel - An ok action movie, like Live Free or Die Hard, somewhat enjoyable, not amazing.
Isaac - Snickers, it's my favorite candy bar, but I don't really like candy bars that much, among the things that I don't like that much it's the best.
Alex - Coke Zero, I like Coke Zero.
Cameron - Too full bowl of soup, and I don't like soup.
Jon - eBay rating of A++, I'd purchase with this burrito, but it's no A++++++.
Sage - Terry, the dog, a good companion, and I'd have one any day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Week Forty-Eight

Ugh...another veggie burrito.  Sage gets lucky (bad lucky) as he shows up for the holidays and quests with us.  So, veggies made a mess again, eggs were out of place, and the sour cream just contributed to the overall blandness.  Daniel equates it to the flip-side of the Gobbler coin, the one without any salt.  Sage booshes Ben, but good!

Ingredients: Veggies, Pico, Eggs, Sour Creme(sic), and Cheese

Ben - A light on your dashboard that comes on when something on your car is broken, it's worse than if it was just the light itself that was broken and stayed on all the time.
Daniel - Adult contemporary music, there's nothing I like about it.
Isaac - The flu, the cold I'd like to have and I'm relatively up and able, it's not quite as bad as death, but you feel like it.
Sage - Ben, because you come a long way expecting something great, then it's inside you and you just want to throw up.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Week Forty-Seven

Pollo Loco
Another bbq burrito that redeems bbq sauce in burritos.  Very, very spicy as well.  Our quest has proof positive that is it influencing the masses.  Some guy ordered these same burritos based on the fact that we ordered them.  He quests with us for this night, elsewhere, unknowingly.  Poor guy.

Ingredients: 2 Chicken, Provolone, Pico, BBQ Sauce, and Cheese

Ben - The space shuttle, they're not going to make that anymore; you remember the space shuttle as being something cool, then you have a moment of sadness.
Daniel - Conan, any Conan, I like Conan, but when I read too many Conan stories I don't want Conan for a while.
Isaac - Miniature horses (or donkeys), you can't ride them, I don't know what purpose they serve, much like I don't know why you'd put bbq sauce in a burrito, but man are they cute.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week Forty-Six

Mega Fajita
This burrito was screwed up by the burristra.  She also screwed up our companion Tony's.  All in all a bad day for Santa Fe Grill.  Also, it being a busy week, finals week including Hanukkah for Ben, we had burritos on an off night.  The missing ingredient may have saved this burrito.  There was less puddling than expected.

Ingredients: Steak, Chicken, Green Chile, Bacon, Veggies, Sour Creme(sic), and Cheese

Ben - Going home for lunch, I really like going home for lunch but I wish it was longer, and I wish when I went home for lunch there was more sour cream.
Daniel - Carl's Jr., because based on their pastrami burger commercial, I would expect to hate anything from Carl's Jr., but they actually make some pretty delicious food.
Isaac - Moon Pies, they're pretty good, usually I have them on road trips then I forget about them, and then I find them again at the gas station and, holy shit, these are badass, and I don't regret it.