Monday, November 30, 2009

Week Forty-Five

Medicine Man
Two decent burritos in a row.  It's a burrito miracle!  Isaac waxes philosophical about the Deer Hunter, which this burrito resembles.  Grits and hash browns are not the same food.  Daniel thinks balancing dry and moist materials makes a successful burrito.  Ben thinks pico makes a successful burrito.  Neither know what they hell they are talking about.

Ingredients: Steak, Chicken, Bacon, Potato, Green Chile, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - Buzz Aldrin, not Buzz Lightyear, he's an astronaut isn't he?  He went to the moon, he punched a reporter.  I don't know much about him, but I don't have any negative feelings toward him.
Daniel - Black Jack, it's about my favorite game to play when I go to Vegas.  It's not playing video poker at the bar and getting free drinks for only $10 worth of quarters though.
Isaac - Guinness Stout, a really good stout, I would give anyone just trying out a stout a Guinness Stout.  I have stouts that I like more but I'm never above ordering a Guinness.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Week Forty-Four

This burrito redeemed bbq burritos for Daniel.  Isaac, not so much.  Ben...well, Ben like bbq whether it's on a burrito or a turd.  Tony makes a cameo with some kind of non-standard sausage burrito.  MEDIC!

Ingredients: 2 Chicken, Green Chile, Pico, BBQ Sauce, and Cheese

Ben - Dodgeball, I have really fond memories of dodgeball and I would play dodgeball right now if I had a ball.
Daniel - Kickball, kickball's fun, whether you have a really big ball or not.
Isaac - Trick or Treating and getting only hard candy, you want the chocolate, you want the gummi candies, some fucker gives you a cough drop.
Tony - I wouldn't throw my shoe at it out of disrespect.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week Forty-Three

Meat Lovers
Sausage made this burrito gross.  Well, maybe it was just a pork overload, but the grease came from the sausage, so...  Again, the burrito collapsed, this time pouring grease out as it went.  Ugh.  Grease.

Ingredients: Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Potato, Pico, Eggs, and Cheese

Ben - Sage, 1) You should never ingest this into your body, just like Sage, 2) It's called Meat Lovers...just like Sage.
Daniel - Homework on the first day of school, who the fuck assigns homework on the first day of school, it cuts into your drinking time, this is a notch above the Gobbler.
Isaac - Dan's big notched belt, that sounds weird and kind of gross.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Week Forty-Two

Mean Greener
Sloppy and messy, just like last week.  Questing this burrito felt repetitive and unnecessary.  Also, more arguments with Ben about pork.  Or salmon.  Whatever, Ben!  Why don't you go on cock quest with Tony and Sage!

Ingredients: Green Chile Pork, Bean, and Cheese

Ben - Solar eclipse, where everybody gets (not an erection) super powers, or planet-wide erectile dysfunction.  Hmm, how about a lunar eclipse...
Daniel - Dinner at Si Senor, I'd rather eat at any other Mexican restaurant in Las Cruces, except for La Posta.
Isaac - Socks, just plain white socks, the blandest pair of socks.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Week Forty-One

Mean Green 
A mess of a burrito, it felt squishy like a tortilla filled with mud.  Our previous run-ins with crappy burrito construction prepared us though and complete burrito meltdown was largely avoided.  Mmm...burrito smoothie.  NO GOBBLERS!

Ingredients: Green Chile Meat, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the movie, it should have been good, and was in places.  Or like Star Wars I, some parts of that were pretty good but overall it was a mess.
Daniel - Nachos from the movie theater, their kind of messy and they're not good nachos.  I'd order just about any other burrito (no gobblers) than deal with this mess again.
Isaac -  The Hindenburg.