Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fidencio's - Machaca Burrito

Some kind of burrito whose ingredients and name are unknown to us, somewhat.  Wikipedia tells us that machaca used to be comprised of reconstituted dried meat.  Not the case here.  A large burrito, and fairly tasty, it's flavor was helped a lot by the salsa provided.  The tortillas from Fidencio's are different from an we've had before, thin and somewhat waxy, but pretty sturdy.  We diverge onto ideas for various pot pie, pasty, and hot pocket quests.  We bust on Sage's nostalgic food tastes.  Ben and Isaac are not funny.  Salsa Bro, not yet found.

Ingredients: Beef or Pork(?), Egg, Peppers, Onions, and Cheese

Ben - Discovering a new deep sea creature, like a deep sea squid or some new angler fish or something, I'd eat this burrito again right now.
Daniel - A rock hitting my windshield but not cracking it, it startles you but your windshield's not cracked so it's not all bad.
Isaac - Hummers...the cars, ultimately they're too big, and really unnecessary, but they might be awesome in extreme conditions.
+Quesadilla -Thumbs up, Corona Light, a hummer

BQ2 - Episode Two

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burger Time - Meat Burrito (w/Green Chile)

The quest, it continues.  Small burritos though they are (almost a burrito slider) they're chock full of flavor.  A little salty, a little greasy, a little heat, but all in all a very stock, tasty burrito.  Salsa Bro, not yet found.

Ingredients: Ground Beef, Potato, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Discount ammunition, it's not even vaguely disappointing, it's just kind of there.
Daniel - Being able to order a small beer when you've already had several large beers, it's nice when maybe you've had almost too much beer and don't want another huge one.
Isaac - Coke, or Pepsi, soda, it's there, it's pretty good, I drink it, I don't have much to complain about.  It's not the nectar of the gods but it's not disgusting.

BQ2 - Episode One

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Burrito Quest 2: The Search for Salsa Bro

And so we find ourselves, once again engaged, with this tortilla wrapped bounty.  The quest returns, perhaps sooner than we originally thought.  Our quest, while similar, has changed in scope.  We know Salsa Bro is out there somewhere, his God-given skills not wasted outside of the food service industry.  And so we quest to find him.  We'll look in every burristablishment this town has to offer!  And if, when, we find him, what then, you ask?  We will bow down before his burritosity, acknowledging for the world to hear that his is true master of his craft.  Also, we'll probably give him a t-shirt.

So, join us weekly, or so, as we hunt for Salsa Bro, who got fired for making good burritos.  Or he may as well have.  Giving out free food to hot chicks is practically a hallmark of the food industry, so we don't really see how they can fault the guy for that.

Oh, yeah, and that t-shirt is coming, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week Sixty

Here we are, at the last burro.  How far we've come.  And typically, like most of the quest, there is disappointment, there is spice, and there is hilarity.  We find out the ultimate fate of Salsa Bro.  And along those lines, this burrito is some kind of structural disaster.  The Quesadilla de Muerto is somewhat aptly named, and apparently correctly made this time.  The quest comes full circle with a burrito that is surprisingly tasty, and that falls apart all over the place.  This quest has been an adventure in gastrointestinal fortitude.  And it will be missed.  Of course, we will likely spend another couple of months winding down by eating our way through the standard burrito menu.  Also, there may be some kind of burrito party to say thanks to our burrito guests.  So stay tuned for that.  Adios, Burrito Questers!

Ingredients: Veggies, Potato, (Rice), Beans, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - A no u turn sign, I never listen to those things when I'm in a different city.  Sometimes I ignore them, sometimes I don't.
Daniel - Cell phones, I don't want to like cell phones, but they are useful sometimes.  Mostly I like other people's cell phones, because I can use them without them ringing in my pants.
Isaac -Legos, I like legos a lot.
+Quesadilla - Lava lamps, 12-sided dice, sandals

Overall Quest Ratings:
Ben - Chicken and waffles, a truly transcendent meal.  It takes you somewhere, and this quest took us somewhere.
Daniel - College, I didn't always want to be in class but I loved college.  It was the easiest time of my life, and it was awesome.
Isaac - Satellite photos of planets I've never seen, it was that amazing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Week Fifty-Nine

Second to the last of the quest, this burro was vaguely disappointing when it could have been so good; much like this recording.  Also, we added the second quesadilla, the Chicken Club Quesadilla, and the cook fucked it all up by leaving out 50% of the ingredients.  We miss Salsa Bro.  Amy joins us again with another, inferior, Aardvark.  Oh, and Ben was fucking wrong about the tiny monkeys.  In your face, Ben!

Ingredients: Steak, Potato, Pico, Salsa, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Driving on the highway and completely missing your exit.
Daniel - Going to the hardware store because you are feeling productive and not being able to get what you needed.  So fucking disappointing.
Isaac - Hiking with a rock in your boot, so that you would have to take off your entire boot, which is a pain in the ass.  It doesn't hurt but it's really annoying.
Amy - Driving to work late and realizing your low fuel light has been on for over a day and a half.
+Quesadilla - When you go to the men's room at work right after someone else and it fucking stinks, having to clean up fresh cat puke, a snake in your boot.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Fifty-Eight

Ultimate Sin
The first of three burrito + quesadilla nights!  We quest on Friday instead of Tuesday due to quester travels.  Amy joins us but opts once again for the Aardvark, due to her veggicism.  This is one of the best burritos we've had.  Good flavor and texture balance.  The quesadilla, in comparison, only mediocre.  Isaac loses weight on the hematoma diet, Amy brings boobs to the quest, Ben adds racism to the quest, and Daniel overly appreciates a boosh.  We are all sinners!

Ingredients: Chicken, Bacon, Pico, Green Chile, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - Calling in sick but not actually being sick.  Wait, have I used this rating?  I will rate this burrito walruses.  They have tusks and are probably gay, humping each other all day long, probably, according to Wikipedia.
Daniel - Electric lighting, it makes a lot of things possible.  One of the best inventions ever.
Isaac - Negro Modelo, I like it a lot, and out of the Mexican beers it's my favorite.
Amy - Going to White Sands and drinking beer with your coworkers on your furlough day.
 +Quesadilla - Lemurs, tinfoil, chihuahuas