Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burrito Quest '09 - The Merchandise

Now you too can wear Ben's face on your chest, for all the world to see!  Or see it smiling back at you as you wake up with your morning coffee!  Proclaim your approval of this sacred quest!  Buy now!

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Take note, if you'd like a different style and/or color of either (including baby jumpers and beer steins), there are about a billion options to the right on the Zazzle page.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pepe's Chicken - Grilled Chicken / Pork Adobado

Pepe's Chicken is not strictly a burrito place, and it shows in their burrito construction.  They essentially just roll the ingredients up and throw it in some foil.  They make up for that with fresh and tasty ingredients.  Well, 50% tasty.  Not that the chicken was bad, just a little bland.  They also have a multi-salsa bar to which we helped ourselves to two delicious (and spicy) salsas, one bland salsa, some pico de gallo, and limes.  It turns out we may have fans, in Colorado and Alabama.  Who knew?  What's up Johnny and Jenny!  Ben argues that we should argue more, like we did in OBQ (Original Burrito Quest).  Isaac and Daniel argue the counterpoint.  No one wins, not even the listener.  We all agree that this recording may have been funnier if Isaac had slammed 5 beers before it rather than after.

Ingredients: Grilled Chicken - chicken, lettuce, tomato; Pork Adobado - pork, lettuce

Ben - Mismatched dishes, you know, like bachelor dishes.  They're kind of eclectic.
Daniel - Johnny Suaro, at his wife's 30th birthday party, answering his 2-year-old son's offer of cake: "No thanks, Daddy's having liquid cake."  Good one.
Isaac - Chicken - a tire, about as exciting as that; Pork - a dirtbike, very exciting.

BQ2 - Episode Eight

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Princess Tacos - Meat & Red/Green Chile

Princess Tacos has apparently been around since 1952.  It's a run down little drive-in that never looks like it's open but sometimes is.  The burritos are small, greasy, and cheap.  We went for two burritos each, one red chile and one green chile, based both on the hiatus from last week, and the small size.  The flavor isn't bad but man, this is the kind of place where you sort of expect to get food poisoning and are mildly surprised when you don't.  We'll let know how that works out next time.

Ingredients: Meat and Chile (Red or Green)

Ben - Counter pizza, pizza that you left on the counter then eat again a few days later.
Daniel - Finding a free ball cap in the casino in Vegas, kinda sketchy, and smelly, but it's a free cap.
Isaac - Monte Carlo, the car, it's a classic, it's authentic but a little sketchy.

BQ2 - Episode Seven