Saturday, May 30, 2009

Week Eighteen

Burrito Too Far
Our first week whilst Isaac was traipsing around Ireland.  Daniel's nephew Cameron joined us in his stead.

". . . like all burritos, this was 50% delicious and 50% disappointing. Steak, milanesa, relleno, cheese, egg, and 50% less swearing. You could have removed any one of the ingredients and created a finer food product. This burrito proves that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and also too much of a bad thing." - Ben

Ingredients: Steak, Relleno, Cheese, Egg, and Milanesa

Ben - Cupcakes.  Where the frosting is really good.  You eat the frosting off, and then you're left with this cupcake.  Or Oreos.  Oreos are good, but you could just eat the cream filling.
Daniel - Haggis in Ireland.  If you didn't know any better, you'd think you're getting something authentic and awesome, but then, after you ate it, it probably wouldn't be as good as if you got it in Scotland.
Cameron - Burnt piece of toast.  It's really crispy and it's too crispy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week Seventeen

Burrito Stuffer
This burrito was overpriced for what you get.  You'd be better off ordering just the Choice of... stuff listed below and having them add rice to it.  Also, we discover that they inexplicably add corn to their rice.  There is much excitement over the possibility of putting grits in burritos.  Also, Daniel gets indignant over Sonic breakfast casserole in a tortilla.

Ingredients: Rice, Cheese, and Choice of Green Chile Meat, Green Chile Pork, or Red Chile Pork

Ben - Star Trek.  I went into it with high expectations and I got exactly what I wanted.  Fuck Jean-Claude Van Damme.
Daniel - A Hubble with the first fix, it went well beyond its lifespan, then they fixed it again and it's even better, but it's not that good.  Fuck yeah, dude!
Isaac - Jean-Claude Van Damme in Blood Sport.  Because I don't really like Van Damme, but when Bloodsport is on, surprisingly, I like Bloodsport.  I'll watch it, and I'll enjoy it.  There's a lot of naked bitches.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week Sixteen

An awful burrito.  The burritos were cold when we got them, which we were pretty sure they were not meant to be.  Also, bbq sauce has no place in a burrito.  According to everyone but Ben, who's some kind of wishy-washy asshole.

Ingredients: Chicken, Potato, Salsa, BBQ Sauce, and Cheese

Ben - Roller Coaster, or Stop and Go Traffic, or Not Having Air Conditioning in Your Car.  I'm not liking this burrito the more I eat it.  Wait, I'd order this burrito again.
Daniel - Grape nuts, when you were expecting Fruity Pebbles.  Lousy like this burrito.
Isaac - Having to take showers at a gym, you don't wanna cause there's all sorts of dudes in there, but you have to cause you're stinky.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Week Fifteen

The finale of the Breakfast Trek.  We discuss Isaac's impending departure from the country and how that will affect the Quest.  Also, fyi, Burrito Quest is not a contest.  Heh, Daniel misnames a burrito, "The Burrito Too Fat."

Ingredients: Steak, Potato, Egg, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Like three weeks ago, I don't remember three weeks ago.  I've already forgotten this burrito.
Daniel - 80 degrees in my house, not really good but better than being 90 degrees in my house.
Isaac - Humpday, Wednesday, it's closer to the weekend but it's not Friday.