Monday, September 27, 2010

Mi Pueblito - Steak Mexicana Burrito

Mi Pueblito was a joint we weren't sure was open late enough for us to hit up on a Monday night.  "Now Open Till 7pm" however!  The burrito was decent, but became better when we spooned Mi Pueblito's chile con queso upon it.  It was small, though.  We're finding more and more that a lot of these places sell burritos as something expected to be accompanied with beans and rice; not a meal in and of itself.  We discuss our douchebaggery in ordering the most expensive of the burritos that are under $4.  Isaac teaches us the magical prison lingo that is kiester.  For instance, Daniel once got kiestered during a proctology exam.  Also, Jenni has a weird puppet.

Ingredients - Steak, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, and Onions

Ben - The trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  I never saw the movie.  That trailer was ok.  I really like trailers, though.
Daniel - My first experience with Pac-Man.  I had no idea what it was when my brother told me we got it for the Atari.  I thought it was going to be about some guy with a backpack, and it was kind of weird at first but it got better.
Isaac - Jango Fett, not nearly as cool as Boba, but at then end of the day he's still a dude running around shooting people with a jetpack.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Three

Monday, September 20, 2010

Burritos Victoria - Lengua (Tongue)/Bistec (Steak) Burritos

The Questers redeem their Los Tacos Mexicanos debacle and eat the lengua!  We also eat a backup bistec burrito as well.  A small moment of weakness, the backup, it made for an overall very filling and kind of appealing meal.  All in all, the tongue was decent but with kind of a weird texture.  The steak burrito was just ok, but greatly improved by the salsa.  Ben freaks out at the thought that maybe he is eating is own tongue.  Isaac tries not to think about eating tongue while he's eating tongue.  Daniel just powers through.  We also talk a bit about trying to have a last Burrito Quest with alumnus $teve.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

Ingredients: Tongue, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Onion/Steak, Green Chile, Onion

Ben - Car accident, that only involves a semi-truck full of produce and everyone is ok, and there's onions all over the road.  You get a lot onions on the highway for your buck.
Daniel - Testing your smoke alarms with earplugs in.  It's a lot better than without.
Isaac - Chihuahuas, I don't like them.  When they breed with other dogs they're ok, but mostly I don't like chihuahuas.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Two

Monday, September 13, 2010

Chachi's - Chile con Carne Burrito (smothered in Chile con Queso)

Dogs hate Burrito Quest.  We've only just begun when Ben's dogs go bananas.  After a brief pause...  Chachi's!  Wherein we discover that banado does not mean banjo.  But it does mean smothered, which you would think we, experts that we are, would be aware of when we order "chile con carne, not the banado, but smothered."  Pinche gueros!  Also, while we did not find Salsa Bro, we did find the elusive burrito establishment that delivers.  Of course we discover this after we were already there.  Ben is disappointed that these burritos were not brought right to his door by someone who is not on this quest.  Daniel bitches a lot about the spiciness.  Isaac talks about manual stimulation way too much.  All in all, a hearty, spicy, tasty burrito.

Ingredients - Pork, Green Chile, Smothered in Chile con Queso

Ben - Watermelons, green watermelons, eating watermelons, it's always better than I thought it was going to be.
Daniel - McFarlane-era Spider-man, I was so excited when he was drawing Spider-man, I really liked it.
Isaac - Snoop Dogg, he's not the best rapper in the world, but he's consistently good.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-One

Friday, September 10, 2010

Chilitos - Chile Relleno Burrito

Chilitos, home of mostly mediocre food and an exceptional patio.  The relleno was flavorful but the salty beans detracted from it heavily.  Ben regales us with tales of Unburritable, somewhere in Nebraska, where he solo quested while we were getting depressed with our repeat of Green Burrito.  Ben, when momentarily distracted by Bad Dudes, completely forgets the rating he had started spouting only moments before.  Isaac likes a hillbilly workout.  Shit talking flies fast and free here on Burrito Quest!

Ingredients - Chile Relleno, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Soda can that you forgot about, for just a little while.  Or maybe a chicken sandwich at Farleys...
Daniel - Bad Dudes, the video game.  I liked Altered Beast a lot better.  Fuck you, Isaac!
Isaac - Working out on conventional and unexciting workout equipment, when there's all sorts of other things you can do like hitting tires with sledgehammers, or karate.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty

Friday, September 3, 2010

Green Burrito - Carne Asada Burrito

With Ben unavailable we decide to embark on our first repeat visit of Burrito Quest 2.  This burrito was cursed from the get go.  They took forever to make, then the bag ripped when Daniel was carrying it into the house and the burritos fell into the street.  Luckily the wrappings stayed intact and this lousy recording got made.  The burrito tasted salty and processed.  Also, some of them were less than warm and needed reheating.  Bigger and more filling than our first trip to Green Burrito, the price was still not worth it.  We actually have guests again, and though they immediately regret it, Alex and Tony did the best they could to stand in for Ben.  Speaking of Ben, he catches a lot more shit than usual, which about right given that he wasn't present.  But really, he's the lucky one.  All in all a very depressing episode.

Ingredients - "Grilled steak, freshly made salsa, guacamole, and jack and cheddar cheeses wrapped in a flour tortilla"

Daniel - Ben having to hang out in Nebraska watching old people play Yahtzee, the opposite of fun.
Isaac - When my dog eats cat crap, I think it's hilarious at first, then he licks me in the face.
Alex - Very regretful, I should have stayed home.
Tony - It should have been Taco Bell.

BQ2 - Episode Nineteen