Monday, September 20, 2010

Burritos Victoria - Lengua (Tongue)/Bistec (Steak) Burritos

The Questers redeem their Los Tacos Mexicanos debacle and eat the lengua!  We also eat a backup bistec burrito as well.  A small moment of weakness, the backup, it made for an overall very filling and kind of appealing meal.  All in all, the tongue was decent but with kind of a weird texture.  The steak burrito was just ok, but greatly improved by the salsa.  Ben freaks out at the thought that maybe he is eating is own tongue.  Isaac tries not to think about eating tongue while he's eating tongue.  Daniel just powers through.  We also talk a bit about trying to have a last Burrito Quest with alumnus $teve.  Yeah, that didn't happen.

Ingredients: Tongue, Spicy Tomato Sauce, Onion/Steak, Green Chile, Onion

Ben - Car accident, that only involves a semi-truck full of produce and everyone is ok, and there's onions all over the road.  You get a lot onions on the highway for your buck.
Daniel - Testing your smoke alarms with earplugs in.  It's a lot better than without.
Isaac - Chihuahuas, I don't like them.  When they breed with other dogs they're ok, but mostly I don't like chihuahuas.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Two

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