Monday, September 13, 2010

Chachi's - Chile con Carne Burrito (smothered in Chile con Queso)

Dogs hate Burrito Quest.  We've only just begun when Ben's dogs go bananas.  After a brief pause...  Chachi's!  Wherein we discover that banado does not mean banjo.  But it does mean smothered, which you would think we, experts that we are, would be aware of when we order "chile con carne, not the banado, but smothered."  Pinche gueros!  Also, while we did not find Salsa Bro, we did find the elusive burrito establishment that delivers.  Of course we discover this after we were already there.  Ben is disappointed that these burritos were not brought right to his door by someone who is not on this quest.  Daniel bitches a lot about the spiciness.  Isaac talks about manual stimulation way too much.  All in all, a hearty, spicy, tasty burrito.

Ingredients - Pork, Green Chile, Smothered in Chile con Queso

Ben - Watermelons, green watermelons, eating watermelons, it's always better than I thought it was going to be.
Daniel - McFarlane-era Spider-man, I was so excited when he was drawing Spider-man, I really liked it.
Isaac - Snoop Dogg, he's not the best rapper in the world, but he's consistently good.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-One

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