Friday, April 15, 2011

El Comedor - Red Banado

Mesilla Trek cometh again, with chiles, red like blood.  Not much of a burrito selection at El Comedor, but what they lack in choices they make up for in taste.  Good sized, with a rich red chile sauce both without and within.  We rally against Ben's negative opinion of recent Quests and attack this recording with verve.  Do we not please you!?  Ben's dogs keep booshing the quest, then Amy comes home and continues the boosh.  A Sage may be coming to a Burrito Quest in the near future.  We discuss the news that Taco Bell may be test marketing a taco shell made from Doritos.  Nothing wrong with that.  Also, burrito pie, a real (awesome) thing we made up or just enchiladas renamed?  Ben reminisces about cramming a Gobbler on top of another burrito.  We can't remember how many times Isaac threw up during BQ and BQ2.  Isaac, how many times was it, and which burritos?  Oh, and in case this actually makes it up before then, we're on hiatus until early May.

Ingredients:  Pork, Potatoes, and Red Chile

Ben - Planets that have more than one moon.  One moon is so trite, but more than one, like Mars, is badass.
Daniel - Allergies going away.  It sucks having allergies, when they go away it's one of the best things ever.

BQ3 - Episode Five
"This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten" by Parry Gripp, used with permission.  

Friday, April 8, 2011

Taco Bell - 7 Layer Burrito

Back to Taco Bell.  We forgo the obviousness of eating Taco Bell's burritos in the order they are listed on the menu and choose a 7 Layer Burrito for this episode.  A vegetarian burrito; one of Ben's favorites; Daniel finds the lack of meat(-ish) disappointing.  We back up the paltry 500 calories of the 7 Layer with an order of Volcano Nachos.  "Molten Hot Lava Sauce?"  Bugh.  We shout out to Isaac, requiring his presence in the comments.  We also tack on intro/outro music for the first time.  Hope you like it.  Head over to and check out some of his other work.  Space Unicorn is particularly inspiring.

Ingredients - "A warm, soft flour tortilla wrapped around seasoned rice, hearty beans, a blend of three cheeses – cheddar, pepper jack and mozzarella – crisp shredded lettuce, diced ripe tomatoes, reduced fat sour cream, and chunky guacamole."

Ben - Clouds; mysterious, blimp-hiding clouds.
Daniel - Going to sleep and waking up with a hair in your mouth.  It's not a good thing.

BQ3 - Episode Four
"This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten" by Parry Gripp, used with permission.