Monday, June 29, 2009

Week Twenty-Three

Diablo's Relleno
The most divisive burrito so far, with possible deep throating.  Plus Tony.  There's no Mexican bacteria, but there was a black guy.  Little orphan Annie accusations fly and Isaac allegedly rates the burrito at some point.  Beer philosophy figures prominently.

Ingredients: Chicken, Relleno, Beans, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - The moon.  I really like the moon and I'd go there tomorrow.  Wait, this burrito is better than the moon because I can't go to the moon tomorrow but I can get this burrito.
Daniel - I wouldn't get it again, not even sure I am gonna pay you back for it. I'ma rate this an Old Milwaukee.  I like beer but I don't like Old Milwaukee.  No, I'm gonna rate it Milwaukee's Best, because actually Old Milwaukee is okay.
Isaac - If it was free I'd eat it.  I would not eat one right after this, but I would freeze it.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Week Twenty-Two

Devil's Breath
Beefy and spicy, this was a top tier burrito.  Be warned that we comment on our general distrust of old white lady burritoristras.  Also, I think Ben gets generally perturbed in this episode, a rare sight to behold.

Ingredients: Two Steak, Potatoes, Cheese, Pico, Salsa, and Green Chile

Ben - A Snowball, made of snow, not the one from Clerks, it's pretty cool (even cold) and you don't have one very often.
Daniel - Shotgun t-shirt from, not my favorite (that'd be the Adultery t-shirt) but still a great shirt.
Isaac - Dreadlocks, they look cool, but not on white guys, and on white women it just means they're easy, and on drugs.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week Twenty-One

Deer Hunter
The return of the Saac Man.  Isaac returns from Ireland just in time to eat his favorite burrito from Santa Fe Grill.  We get bbq sauce in lieu of some of the salsa cups.  There's a fight about pronunciation of scones (sconns?).  Ben was very late, and everyone hated for it.  Specifically a very hungry Daniel.

Ingredients: Steak, Chicken, Green Chile, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - A plastic potted plant, I like them but they're not as good as a real plant.
Daniel - First meal of the day, because it's honest and I don't want to overrate it since it is my first meal of the day.
Isaac -A Jammy Dodger, a little cookie with jam in it.  They got the jams...the cookie...  I don't know what I was gonna say.  Translates to pretty good.
Alex - It was an afternoon delight.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week Twenty

Combo Fajita
"This burrito was surprisingly tasty, so much so that I recommended it to [Isaac] when he returned from the United Kingdom. I would get this again. I would recommend this to friends and relatives. I have no pictures of this burrito. EAT IT. " - Ben

Ingredients: Steak, Chicken, Veggies, and Cheese

Ben - Space marines, sometimes you're in the mood for space marines, like with Aliens, but Starship Troopers 2, no.
Daniel - A refreshing beer after a hard day's work on the yard, something light and refreshing, like a Bud Light, because that's when a Bud Light tastes the best.
$teve - Frozen apple pie, it's not like you cooked it yourself or ordered it at a restaurant, but it's still apple pie.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week Nineteen

Chicken Club
We narrowly avert Burrito Quest disaster when we discover the Chicken Club is a burrito and not a sandwich.  $teve (and fam) begins his journey with us, standing in while Isaac was overseas, and sticking with it for longer than most would have.  And it should be noted that $teve is a trained chef.  That means his opinion means more, and he's hurting himself more by doing this, at the same time.  I don't think we ever tell people what the ingredients were.  WTF!

Ingredients:Chicken, Bacon, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Finding a dollar in your pants pocket, or on the ground.  Somewhere between finding an empty cup to a cold Coke Zero on the ground.
Daniel - Hulk Hogan, as you eat it it gets better, like Hogan's comebacks in the wrestling wring.  But then I don't really like wrestling, so that might put it in perspective.
$teve - A Jack-in-the-Box taco, pretty crunchy all around and it gets soggier as you get to the bottom.