Monday, June 29, 2009

Week Twenty-Three

Diablo's Relleno
The most divisive burrito so far, with possible deep throating.  Plus Tony.  There's no Mexican bacteria, but there was a black guy.  Little orphan Annie accusations fly and Isaac allegedly rates the burrito at some point.  Beer philosophy figures prominently.

Ingredients: Chicken, Relleno, Beans, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - The moon.  I really like the moon and I'd go there tomorrow.  Wait, this burrito is better than the moon because I can't go to the moon tomorrow but I can get this burrito.
Daniel - I wouldn't get it again, not even sure I am gonna pay you back for it. I'ma rate this an Old Milwaukee.  I like beer but I don't like Old Milwaukee.  No, I'm gonna rate it Milwaukee's Best, because actually Old Milwaukee is okay.
Isaac - If it was free I'd eat it.  I would not eat one right after this, but I would freeze it.

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