Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fidencio's - Machaca Burrito

Some kind of burrito whose ingredients and name are unknown to us, somewhat.  Wikipedia tells us that machaca used to be comprised of reconstituted dried meat.  Not the case here.  A large burrito, and fairly tasty, it's flavor was helped a lot by the salsa provided.  The tortillas from Fidencio's are different from an we've had before, thin and somewhat waxy, but pretty sturdy.  We diverge onto ideas for various pot pie, pasty, and hot pocket quests.  We bust on Sage's nostalgic food tastes.  Ben and Isaac are not funny.  Salsa Bro, not yet found.

Ingredients: Beef or Pork(?), Egg, Peppers, Onions, and Cheese

Ben - Discovering a new deep sea creature, like a deep sea squid or some new angler fish or something, I'd eat this burrito again right now.
Daniel - A rock hitting my windshield but not cracking it, it startles you but your windshield's not cracked so it's not all bad.
Isaac - Hummers...the cars, ultimately they're too big, and really unnecessary, but they might be awesome in extreme conditions.
+Quesadilla -Thumbs up, Corona Light, a hummer

BQ2 - Episode Two

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