Tuesday, April 6, 2010

El Sombrero - Chicken Fajita Burrito (Smothered with Chile Con Queso)

The first sit-down, fork-necessary burrito of the quest.  Hearty pieces of chicken, spicy queso; tasty and filling.  Santa Fe Gill still misses us, or Ben anyway.  There is a lot of chip crunching on this episode.  Ben douches out on our rating system.  Our answer, circus animal cookies are delicious.

Ingredients: Chicken, Onions, Peppers, Chile Con Queso

Ben - Bag o' cookies, cookies, like in a bag, where they are mine.  A bag of Albertsons cookies.
Daniel - Chocolate birthday cake, it's not my favorite cake but it's good.
Isaac - Battletoads, cool, well maybe, either way mutant amphibians, not as cool as mutant reptile turtles.

BQ2 - Episode Three

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