Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Habaneros - Macho Chimichanga

Lordy Bagordy!  The biggest burrito we have ever seen.  Daniel's brother once ate a two-pound burrito to win a t-shirt.  This is about the same size burrito, only we don't get prizes.  Habaneros is a drive-in that used to be a Sonic or something long ago.  We were drawn to it by one its signs proclaiming "King Burrito."  Turns out that's what they call all of their burritos.  Not really a chimichanga, as it would likely be impossible to fry this log without it falling apart, but still a tasty burrito.  At least for the first third of it.  A word of advice: If you commit yourself to eating all of this monstrosity, do it quickly, before your stomach can signal your brain to protest.  The fact that none of us vomited after eating this thing may only be due to our training; consume at your own risk!

Ingredients: Beef, Chicken, Rice, Beans, Cheese, Red or Green Chile, Guacamole, and Sour Cream

Ben - Spandex, in theory is an awesome thing, but not in practice.
Daniel - A Great Old One, so big as to be unmanageable but also intriguing.
Isaac - A nuclear bomb, the concept is amazing, but in reality it's pretty awful.

BQ2 - Episode Six

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