Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Burrito - Beef, Bean, & Cheese

Another chain fast-food burrito so quickly...not so good.  Green Burrito was a chain that was bought by Carl's Jr.  The association, as far as we can tell, may have downgraded the quality of this food.  That's if they were ever good in the first place, which, if not, then how'd they get snatched up by a national chain?  Ben nails it on the head with his description of it as a microwave convenience-store burrito.  Also, the salsa pretty much just tasted like sugar.  Looking at their website some of the burritos look pretty tasty.  We may never find out if that is true.  Fearing the burritos may not be hefty enough we picked up some little Crisp Burritos to go with the main course.  They were not much better.

Ingredients: "Seasoned ground beef, refried beans, jack and cheddar cheeses, and hot sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla"

Ben - Bathroom sink backing up, cause then your realize the sink is connected to the toilet.
Daniel - Whacking yourself in the nuts while doing yard work.
Isaac - A coma, and not knowing whether you are going to wake or not.
+Crisp Burritos - The tail end of an allergy attack, blisters, closing your fingers in the door

BQ2 - Episode Five

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