Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week Sixty

Here we are, at the last burro.  How far we've come.  And typically, like most of the quest, there is disappointment, there is spice, and there is hilarity.  We find out the ultimate fate of Salsa Bro.  And along those lines, this burrito is some kind of structural disaster.  The Quesadilla de Muerto is somewhat aptly named, and apparently correctly made this time.  The quest comes full circle with a burrito that is surprisingly tasty, and that falls apart all over the place.  This quest has been an adventure in gastrointestinal fortitude.  And it will be missed.  Of course, we will likely spend another couple of months winding down by eating our way through the standard burrito menu.  Also, there may be some kind of burrito party to say thanks to our burrito guests.  So stay tuned for that.  Adios, Burrito Questers!

Ingredients: Veggies, Potato, (Rice), Beans, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - A no u turn sign, I never listen to those things when I'm in a different city.  Sometimes I ignore them, sometimes I don't.
Daniel - Cell phones, I don't want to like cell phones, but they are useful sometimes.  Mostly I like other people's cell phones, because I can use them without them ringing in my pants.
Isaac -Legos, I like legos a lot.
+Quesadilla - Lava lamps, 12-sided dice, sandals

Overall Quest Ratings:
Ben - Chicken and waffles, a truly transcendent meal.  It takes you somewhere, and this quest took us somewhere.
Daniel - College, I didn't always want to be in class but I loved college.  It was the easiest time of my life, and it was awesome.
Isaac - Satellite photos of planets I've never seen, it was that amazing.

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