Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Burrito Quest 2: The Search for Salsa Bro

And so we find ourselves, once again engaged, with this tortilla wrapped bounty.  The quest returns, perhaps sooner than we originally thought.  Our quest, while similar, has changed in scope.  We know Salsa Bro is out there somewhere, his God-given skills not wasted outside of the food service industry.  And so we quest to find him.  We'll look in every burristablishment this town has to offer!  And if, when, we find him, what then, you ask?  We will bow down before his burritosity, acknowledging for the world to hear that his is true master of his craft.  Also, we'll probably give him a t-shirt.

So, join us weekly, or so, as we hunt for Salsa Bro, who got fired for making good burritos.  Or he may as well have.  Giving out free food to hot chicks is practically a hallmark of the food industry, so we don't really see how they can fault the guy for that.

Oh, yeah, and that t-shirt is coming, so stay tuned.

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