Friday, March 5, 2010

Week Fifty-Eight

Ultimate Sin
The first of three burrito + quesadilla nights!  We quest on Friday instead of Tuesday due to quester travels.  Amy joins us but opts once again for the Aardvark, due to her veggicism.  This is one of the best burritos we've had.  Good flavor and texture balance.  The quesadilla, in comparison, only mediocre.  Isaac loses weight on the hematoma diet, Amy brings boobs to the quest, Ben adds racism to the quest, and Daniel overly appreciates a boosh.  We are all sinners!

Ingredients: Chicken, Bacon, Pico, Green Chile, Milanesa, and Cheese

Ben - Calling in sick but not actually being sick.  Wait, have I used this rating?  I will rate this burrito walruses.  They have tusks and are probably gay, humping each other all day long, probably, according to Wikipedia.
Daniel - Electric lighting, it makes a lot of things possible.  One of the best inventions ever.
Isaac - Negro Modelo, I like it a lot, and out of the Mexican beers it's my favorite.
Amy - Going to White Sands and drinking beer with your coworkers on your furlough day.
 +Quesadilla - Lemurs, tinfoil, chihuahuas

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