Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week Forty-Nine

Red Rider
A crowded Quest for the end of the year.  Jon, Cameron, Sage, and Alex all join us for this moderately better than average burrito.  They were all lucky that this week was not the Rambler.  For us regular Questers, we were lucky not to have a really crappy burrito for the last of the year.  To round things out we all do shots of salsa.

Ingredients: Red Chile Pork, Eggs, and Cheese

Ben - Waking up on your day off at 7 o'clock, I like sleeping in on my days off a lot, it's vaguely disappointing, like you should be happy but you're not really happy.
Daniel - An ok action movie, like Live Free or Die Hard, somewhat enjoyable, not amazing.
Isaac - Snickers, it's my favorite candy bar, but I don't really like candy bars that much, among the things that I don't like that much it's the best.
Alex - Coke Zero, I like Coke Zero.
Cameron - Too full bowl of soup, and I don't like soup.
Jon - eBay rating of A++, I'd purchase with this burrito, but it's no A++++++.
Sage - Terry, the dog, a good companion, and I'd have one any day.

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