Friday, August 21, 2009

Week Thirty

Green Mile
Ben makes up for his Gobbler absence by eating the Gobbler right before he eats the Green Mile.  A true Burrito Knight!  Amy joins us again, and again (smartly) chooses to go her own way in choosing a burrito.

Ingredients: Green Chile Pork, Pico, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - A dream that you forget after you wake up, I just ate the Green Mile, and the Gobbler, and I can't remember what the Green Mile tasted like.
Ben (Gobbler) - Cold chili, that wasn't very good to begin with, maybe with a bunch of salt in it too.  Or, shitting in your sleep.
Daniel - Going to a kind of nice part of Mexico, it's probably going to be a pretty cheap vacation, maybe a little bit spicy 'cause you're in Mexico, but other than that it's just gonna be ok.
Isaac - Mediocre drunk food, I had 8 beers before I came here, I liked it but probably only because I was drunk.

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