Monday, August 31, 2009

Week Thirty-Two

Jerry Springer
This recording was less structured, if that's possible.  We just kind of started the recording and rambled for a while.  Ok, so it's kind of like most of the other recordings: we talk nonsense about some mediocre burrito.  It was the first burrito after the Iron Man, so there's a lot of discussion about that too.

Ingredients: Turkey, Potato, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Slow moving traffic, when you're in slow moving traffic you cease to care about where you're headed.
Daniel - Riding an elephant in Thailand, good/bad 'cause you get to ride an elephant, but that elephant may be being mistreated when you're not there.
Isaac - Some food that my roommate Tony would make, this could have been an ok burrito but it could have had a lot more to it.
$teve - Generic vanilla ice cream, it could use something to go with it, but it's generally just ok.

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