Monday, August 24, 2009

Week Thirty-One

Iron Man
The lost burrito.  Ben and Isaac decided not to wait till later in the week and went ahead and Quested with $teve while Daniel was out of town for work.  Daniel got really pissed, Isaac apologized, and Ben blamed the whole thing on Isaac.  Tellingly, the recording of their betrayal was deleted from $teve's mp3 player by his daughter.  Here's a small sample of how Daniel felt after the fact:

"A-holes! Most of my rage at you crackers questing without me now stems from the fact that I ate the Iron Man and its mediocrity was appalling. I hear y'all thought it was delicious. Also, eating these crappy burritos alone is just sad. Fuck you guys."

Ingredients: Chicken, Rice, Green Chile, and Salsa

Ben - ???
Daniel - It tasted like betrayal.
Isaac - ???
$teve - ???

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