Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chabela's - Chile Relleno Burrito

Chabela's used to be another restaurant, also Mexican.  It is still a Mexican place, only under another name, so you would think they'd know what a chicharrone was.  Apparently, no.  The relleno had heat (a plus) but the breading was typically soggy (a minus).  In all fairness, keeping breading crispy when wrapped up in a tortilla is a difficult feat.  The taste and heat of the chile elevate this to 'pretty good' territory, without it though it would likely sit firmly with the 'mediocre' tier.  Our history comes back on us as we diverge almost immediately into talking about burritos from Santa Fe Grill.  But we are consummate amateurs and get back on topic eventually.  Of course, that mostly results in us complaining about the burrito crapping its ingredients all over the place; a common occurrence with refried beans as an ingredient.  We also bitch more about the same shit as last time.  Enjoy!

Ingredients - Relleno, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Sledgehammer, I really like sledgehammers, I don't know if a sledgehammer is a real practical hammer all the time, but if I had one I would show it to people.
Daniel - A digital camera, I like them when they are conveniently small, not when big and bulky.
Isaac - Shotguns, shotguns are good, they're a terrific standby, but sometimes they are not the coolest, and I think everyone should have a shotgun.

BQ2 - Episode Fourteen

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