Monday, August 2, 2010

Nopalito's - Green Chile Meat Burrito

Nopalito's was reviewed for a Road Food segment of Splendid Table.  Daniel heard the segment and was boggled at how much the food was raved about.  The burritos are tiny.  Teeny-tiny.  Extra nachos were purchased on a whim and boy was that a good idea.  Tasty, but so small as to be aggravating in it's lack of satiety, the burrito suffers greatly  for it.  The salsa (two varieties of which were provided) was rich and spicy.  The nachos were mediocre.  If this meal had been consumed in-restaurant the addition of chips of salsa would likely have helped.  All in all, the taste was pretty good but the amount was ridiculously unsatisfying.  This is most apparent when we forget it even tasted good by the end of the episode.  Ben wishes there were burrito delivery places.  Isaac and Daniel don't care.  They want tongue burritos.  Yeah, that's a thing.  And not some kind of sex act.  Weirdos.

Ingredients: Green Chile, Pork, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Laundry, it can be a pretty good thing but our dryer doesn't work very well and sometimes you open it and have damp clothes.  I should probably just
Daniel - A dictionary, as inspiring as reading one.  What if the only thing to read in the house was the dictionary?
Isaac - Wet socks, you know, you dry your socks and even after they are still damp and then you walk around and your feet are slightly cold.

BQ2 - Episode Fifteen

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