Monday, August 23, 2010

Si Senor Express - Green Chile Meat Burrito

We let Ben pick which burrito to get from his favorite restaurant.  He chose Red Chile Meat.  He was denied.  We made the mistake of asking if there was green chile in the bean burritos before then ordering red chile meat burritos.  Confusion reigned!  Si Senor, whatever else you say about it, is generous with their chips and dips (you get four dips: bean dip, a spicy sour cream dip, green chile salsa, and red chile salsa).  The burrito was resoundingly mediocre with much ado about saltiness.  Ben bravely defends Si Senor despite this mediocrity.  Daniel waffles a little in his dislike, approving of their chips, dips, and beer.  Isaac thinks no one thinks we are funny.  We lament our weakness when faced with tongue burritos last time and weakly commit to one day make up for our failure. 

Ingredients - Green Chile and Pork

Ben - Graduating from college, it's like 'go get a job; pay these bills"; you get some good things out of it but...
Daniel - Minivans, useful but not what I would choose to drive.
Isaac - When a superhero dies then comes back to life, the death can make a comic book interesting, but that is immediately nullified when they come back to life.

BQ2 - Episode Eighteen

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