Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alice the Burrito Lady - Red Chile/Green Chile Burritos

Our first guest in some time, Jenni joins us for these footlong burritos.  Tasty, big, and cheap, we can see why this place was able to expand out of Canutillo into the surrounding market.  The construction was mildly disappointing as it made for a mess, but the homemade tortillas made up for it.  Two good burritos in a row; if this keeps up we shudder at the eventual burrito-tastrophe.  This sparks a conversation about why at least one of us generally found more faults in more of Santa Fe Grill's burritos.  We discuss the blog's 'spike' in traffic after Isaac posted a link on Facebook.  Also the comment from The Hot Sluts.  Thanks for the interest, The Hot Sluts, and keep the "hard" questions coming.

Ingredients: Red Chile, Beef, Potato, Beans, and Cheese/Green Chile, Pork, Potato, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Stacks of tiles at hardware stores, where you think 'You know I could tile something with those' and then you don't.  Wistful.
Daniel - Having a robot in your pocket.  But a smartphone, not a real person-shaped robot.
Isaac - Bears, brown or tie-dye, they're pretty badass, and high-quality apex predators.
Jenni - Book burning, satisfying, but I kind of regret doing it.

BQ2 - Episode Twelve

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