Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hiebert's - Steak Finger Burrito

Oh, Hiebert's, we had such high hopes for you.  This burrito is apparently misnamed.  One would think that Steak Finger Burrito would mean a burrito filled with steak fingers.  One would be incorrect.  Instead, we got a burrito filled with steak, without batter of any kind.  Disappointment abounds!  And it tastes like Hamburger Helper.  Behold, Ben wears a Burrito Quest shirt featuring himself as he quests!  It is a magical thing.

Ingredients: Steak, Green Chile, and Cheese

Ben - Forgetting to put the trash can out on trash day.
Daniel - Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve, if I didn't know any better I'd say it's really good.
Isaac -Cat or dog food, you look at it and think "That looks good" then you pick it up and put it in your mouth and it's not good.  I end up feeling just a little confused and stupid.

BQ2 - Episode Nine


  1. A "hard" question for you guys, Out of the last 72 episodes, which burrito would you be? Keep in mind we're more about "Quantity" versus "Quality". Personally we like taking the burritos in Dick's "Cafe".

    The Hot Sluts

  2. Dear The Hot Sluts,

    I would definitely be the Macho Chimichanga. That burrito, as we well experienced, was the ultimate in burro-quantity. While its quality was not bad, I dont think I could in good conscience choose any other since the MC was the only to rival the size of my own head.


  3. Dear HS,

    I have only sat in on a few BQ episodes, but I would have to choose the Rambler, as it's the only burrito I could compare to Ben. Both Ben and the Rambler are great in quantity, not so great in quality.

  4. To all The Hot Sluts,
    Dick's is a fine establishment, which we will undoubtedly visit soon. Some, perhaps more often than others... To answer your question, I would be The Bear; thick and meaty! Feed you for days! Pow! !!!