Monday, June 28, 2010

Roberto's - Burrito Banadero/Potato Burrito

Well, last week was a bust.  The hiatus went on longer than any of us wanted.  There was a slim chance for a breakfast burrito from a donut place, but no.  Instead we come back at ya with a quest to a Las Cruces landmark(?).  Roberto's has been providing cheap Mexican food to the masses since, well, a long time.  And they are renowned for making the world's biggest enchilada.  We wish they were renowned for making the world's most delicious burrito.  This is not the case.  All in all what they really excel at is making cheap, mediocre Mexican food.  The banadero was a bit spicy and tasty, and the potato burrito was bland as hell.  Eating both of them back to back was somewhat like a throwback to the uneven burritos of OBQ, when all the potatoes would get jammed on one side of the burrito; it would start out great and get awful by the end.  Isaac tries to bait Ben into making racist comments.  We all decide a little more ethnicity is needed back on the quest.

Ingredients: Banadero - Green Chile, Beef, Cheese, and smothered with Green Chile sauce; Potato Burrito - Potatoes.  Yeah, just potatoes.

Ben - Someone else's dog, you get to meet a dog, and see it, and you think, "This is a cool dog," and then it goes away.  The potato one though, used napkins, someone else used them, and you have to clean them up.
Daniel - Instant mashed potatoes, for both burritos together, I used to eat them with bread after high school while watching Star Trek, kind of a nostalgic memory, but the reality is not that great.
Isaac -Thanksgiving, for the first burrito, because I'm thankful it's not the second burrito.

BQ2 - Episode Ten

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