Thursday, March 8, 2012

XX Large Chimichanga

El Monterey's XX Large Chimichanga, one more X and it's NSFW! (pause for drum roll and polite laughter) This packaged burrito...stymied me for a bit.  It wasn't awful, but something was off.  Maybe it was that it didn't have that wet newspaper smell that the rest have had while microwaving.  The XX split the seams of the burrito while cooking and the entire thing ended up coated in a layer of grease.  I opted for a knife and fork.  The tortilla was waxy and almost translucent.  The filling was more uniform and redolent with fattiness.  All in all, though, it was just mediocre.  Like eating a burrito-flavored piece of plastic.  I think that's what threw me.  Based on composition I should be waxing prosaic about how this slid down my gullet like a slug and/or hit my guttyworks with bomb-like intensity.  But really I just ate it and almost forgot about it.  Notice the packaging too: "Textured Vegetable Protein Added."  Looks like I trended back toward vegetarian and didn't even know it.

Rating: The background hum of a refrigerator, you hardly ever even notice it if anything else is going on.

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