Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Grandito is manufactured by our good friends at Don Miguel Mexican Foods, the same fine folks who brought us the Bomb.  They have a website on the packaging but as far as I can tell the address is no good.  Grandito was similar to the bomb in smell and texture, but diverged on some key points: caloric content and spice.  Of the former it weighed in at roughly 75% of the Bomb's heft.  I believe what Don Miguel left out in fats and fillers, he replaced with zest!  This "spicy red hot beef & bean" burrito did indeed live up to it's name.  That's a relative assessment of course, as it was only about as spicy as a medium heat pico de gallo, but still, for this sort of product that's plenty unexpected zing.  The slighter mass of this tortilla torpedo did lessen it's...impact.  Or at least forestalled it somewhat.  I did not get quite as sleepy after Grandito, and the uncomfortable gasses did not set in till much later.

Rating: Getting a speeding ticket after you've been forced to slow down by traffic.  You got a ticket, but it could have been a lot more expensive.

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