Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Patio Beef & Bean

The Patio, its petite-ness, in both size and price, was a welcome respite from the previous two gut bombs. I only wish the actual eating of it had been as pleasant. The package instructs you to wrap the burrito lightly in paper towels, then microwave. This resulted in the paper towels sticking to the tortilla, and tearing the burrito to pieces when removed. The filling was a familiar salty meat slurry, only a bit more questionable in texture (read: grit). The tortilla was gummy in the middle and rock hard where it was folded around the ends. All in all this was 48¢ that could have been better spent, like on 4.8 packs of ramen.  Less than impactful, in more than one way.

Rating: Crunching grit between your teeth, never pleasant.

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