Monday, March 5, 2012

The Bomb

Given that we are questing a frozen burrito soon I figured it would be good to do a little research; grab some frozen burros and get them in my belly. The intent was to eat one a day leading up to Friday. First up is the Bomb, a burrito I picked up in the cold case at Pic Quik. Felt a bit odd walking past Santa Fe Grill with a packaged burro in hand. Heating it up, there was distinctive smell, probably off the tortilla, that triggered something in the deep college-years-recesses of my brains that whispered, What are you doing in this conveniance store this late at night? The Bomb wasn't bad, taste-wise; mushy, vaguely cheesy, not at all spicy, with the occasional whole bean popping up through the meat slurry. My first thought on finishing it: So this is what it feels like to power down 1000 calories and 2000 mg of sodium in one sitting. Eating the Bomb definitely weakened my resolve for a frozen burrito sprint. But this is a sacred quest, and my will is strong! Stronger perhaps, than my bowels.

Rating: Drunken fast food binge, it's deceptively good while you're doing it, and ultimately regretful.

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