Monday, October 4, 2010

Spanish Kitchen - Green Chile Con Carne Burrito

Another small burrito.  Daniel asked if the burritos were good sized and was answered in the affirmative.  If you ate three all by yourself that may be true.  Spanish Kitchen rivals Princess Tacos for age, as it's been around for 60 years.  Obviously they haven't learned how to properly satiate Burrito Questers in all that time.  The burritos were floppy and small, but at least the tortillas were homemade and tasty.  A disappointment with a hint of faded glory.  The salsa was damn spicy, and completely pureed with no hint of solid food left within it.  We discuss Honorable Bill's love of ordering the Big Dick (actually called the Jumbo Burger) from Dick's Cafe.  The conversation completely derails after that into, yeah, you guessed it.

Ingredients - Pork, Green Chile

Ben - You know how you suddenly realize, like, little bitty Earth, big big space,and in some ways that's really stunning and awe-inspiring and in other ways it's like, holy crap that's meaningless.  I'm thinking that second one; depressing.
Daniel -Dehydrated camping food, like powered eggs or something.  At first it's cool cause it's like what the astronauts eat, then you realize it's not very good.
Isaac - Pluto, the former planet, it's no longer a planet.  As a New Mexican I feel obligated to like it, but overall it's ok.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Four

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