Monday, October 11, 2010

Delicias - Chicharron/Picadillo Burritos

Thrown by our previous experiences with small burros, we order up two burritos when we see the $3 price tag on these bad boys.  The chicharron burrito paled in comparison to Las Trancas.  In truth it would have been hard pressed to match that exemplar of a burrito.  But it did not even come close.  The fried pig skin was slimy and soft, in a spicy tomato sauce redolent of the lengua burrito from Burritos Victoria.  Delicias used to be a place for cheap Chinese food (at which Daniel worked only one night washing dishes) and the comparison of the chicharrones to Kung Pao chicken inevitably crops up.  Ben resorts to eating his with each bite followed by a swig of soda, as if swallowing slimy pig skin pills.  The picadillo, by comparison, was pretty good...but only by comparison.  It was only ground beef and pico de gallo; kind of dry and much in need of salsa.  There is much discussion of the upcoming Mesilla Trek.  Also, if there's anyone out there who wants to recommend a burrito we should try (thanks, Tracy!) we will seriously consider it.  Ben commits (kind of) to eating a dog food burrito.  We are dubious about his devotion to the quest.

Ingredients - Chicharrones and Spicy Tomato Sauce/Ground Beef and Pico de Gallo

Ben - Brontosaurus, they didn't exist but for a while we thought they did.  It casts doubt about the existence of any dinosaurs.
Daniel - Dinty Moore Beef Stew, it looks good at first, then your stomach hurts.
Isaac - Finding out velociraptors had feathers.  It's like a giant peacock chasing after you.  They're still scary but not nearly as scary.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Five

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