Monday, October 18, 2010

Los Compas - Chicharron and Chile Relleno

Los Compas surprised us with a very tasty burrito.  On a scale of Green Burrito to Las Trancas it turned out to be a solid Miguel's.  The side of nachos we got turned out to be more typical of Los Compas food; kind of dull and greasy.  Some news, Isaac will be departing to quest in the north...of New Mexico.  What will happen to our quest?  Stay tuned!  Daniel is pretty sure that he can win BabyQuest against his offspring.  Ben can't figure his meat out.  With our limited time left, before Daniel's children arrive and Isaac departs for northern climes, we decide to make a list of places we really want to hit.  Will it happen?  Also, Daniel and Isaac are douches for not remembering Ben's vow to eat dog food.  Dammit!

Ingredients - Chicharrones, Chile Relleno, Beans, and Cheese

Ben - Bungie cords, the kind you strap things down with, sometimes I forget about them, then I open up a bag and I'm like "hey, I've got some bungie cords, I should do something with these."
Daniel - Chuck Norris's Lone Wolf McQuade, when I saw it as a kid I thought it was badass, does not hold up over time.  I suspect if we ate this burrito again it would not be as good.
Isaac - Pringles, not as good as Doritos, but still pretty good.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Six

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  1. Pringles are definitely way better than Doritos, I don't know what Anatole is thinking.

    Your biggest fan.