Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week Fifty-Three

Stone Cold Stunner
On the small side, but spicy.  The marathon aspect of the quest may be catching up with the ingredient list.  That is, we may be getting bored and finding no real new surprises.  Except for the provolone, which made for some delicious creaminess.  Hot jalapenos, BQ moves its regular night to Tuesday, Daniel (likely) messes up the theory of hot and cold medicine, Ben is not Latino, Isaac is off his game.

Ingredients: 2 Steak, Pico, BBQ Sauce, and Provolone

Ben - Beagles, what do you think about beagles?  You know how you can get a small beagle and it's awesome, and you can get a big beagle and it's awesome.  Definitely beagle.
Daniel - Squirt guns in the summer time, it's fun to squirt people.  It's fun and lots of people like it, not everyone, not the people you're squirting in the face.
Isaac - Contraceptives, like condoms, cause the alternative is better but they do serve a purpose and they're a good old standby.  Good old standby, but it's not barebackin.

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