Friday, March 18, 2011

Andele - Chile Con Carne w/Potato, Smothered in Green Chile

Mesilla Trek begins.  We start with the one and only burrito that has been recommended to us.  Thanks, Traci; good call!  Andele has a creamy, cheesy green chile sauce, which overpowers this burrito in a delicious manner.  Daniel's go-to Mexican food place for a long time, his reaction was likely a given.  Ben's delight reaffirms and solidifies our Burrito Fraternitas.  We discuss our plans for BQ3: Triple Trek!  We shall endeavor to split our labors in this third season of Burrito Quest between Taco Bell, Mesilla, and Lunch.  Alright, that last one isn't really a place, but there are enough burr-stablishments open only around lunch time that it begs to be quested.  Daniel seeks accolades for having the idea to record these ponderings in the first place.  Ben is too weak to cut a tortilla without a knife.  Amy joins us but eats rolled tacos instead of a burrito; she gets sprayed in the face with green chile sauce for her troubles.

Ingredients - Green Chile Meat, Potatoes, and Green Chile Sauce

Ben - The Five Second rule.  If I dropped this burrito on the ground I would pick it up and eat it, despite how messy it would be.
Daniel - Drinking grape Nehi soda at my grandma's house in the summertime.  A fond memory.

BQ3 - Episode Two

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  1. I moved out of Las Cruces a year ago, and I still crave these burritos! My favorite of all time!