Friday, March 4, 2011

Burrito Quest 2: The Finale

We gathered together to bid adieu to Burrito Quest 2.  Yes, we failed, we know this.  But also we have faith, despite this failure, that Salsa Bro is out there somewhere, serving free burritos to hot chicks everywhere.  Amy and Jenni join in the shenanigans, as does Isaac, who was making a brief visit.  We decide, for this second finale, to revisit Santa Fe Grill, questing for fond memories of days gone by.  Burrito Quest 3 can be seen, cresting the horizon like some hungry many-tentacled monster.  Where do we go from here?  What will it mean that we are now only two?  Will Isaac send in reports from the hinterlands?  Spoiler Alert: These questions are not answered in this recording.  BURROS! 

Ben - Afterburner
Daniel - Big Bad Aggie
Isaac - Deer Hunter
Amy - Aardvark
Jenni - Red Chile Meat

Ben - 'Your mom' jokes, they're great but then I kind of regret them.
Daniel - A pocket knife, useful but unexceptional.
Isaac - Herpes, it sucks to have them, but you had sex to get them.
Amy - A half warm cup of coffee, it's not great but it's still coffee.
Jenni - Not the herpes, good and clean.

Burrito Quest 2 Ratings:
Ben - A haircut, sometimes they can be messed up, but you always needed one.  And it's gotta happen someday or you turn into a hippy.
Daniel - Clocks, they are both conveniently useful and can slow to a crawl sometimes and suck ass.
Isaac - A loyal but untrained dog, they don't hate you and they'll always be there and you love it but you're going to have a lot of trouble with it.

BQ2 - Episode Twenty-Eight

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