Friday, March 25, 2011

Go Burger - Green Chile Meat Burrito

The beginning of lunch trek.  We finally hit up Go Burger, a place we tried to visit early in BQ2 but discovered it's one of many burr-stablishments that are only open around lunch hours.  At 11 inches long and a hefty fill, it had the trifecta: size, taste, and price.  Go Burger reminds Daniel of the many home-grown drive-up food places that litter the Carlsbad, NM landscape.  They were voted both Best Burrito and Best Local Taco by the Las Cruces Sun News.  What the fuck a 'Local Taco' is, we don't know.  Also, they have a byzantine drive-thru process.  Ben clarifies the correct way to tell a 'your mom' joke.  We like burritos.  Correct: Your mom likes burritos.  Incorrect: I liked burritos with your mom last night.  Then Daniel gets confused.

Ingredients - Green Chile, Pork, and Potato

Ben - The time of year where you don't have your AC on and you don't have your heater on, everything just feels perfect.
Daniel - When you try on a t-shirt for the first time and it fits just right.

BQ3 - Episode Three


  1. Yeah, we're bad at this. What went wrong?!

  2. My Isaac impersonation is inspired, though.

  3. Two is more work than three. I can't do everything, Ben!