Friday, January 6, 2012

Burrito Quest 4 - Veggie Trek

We're back!  Neither Ben's vegetarianism nor Daniel's fatherhood could hold us back for long.  BQ3 is just a sad memory of failure.  Onward to BQ4!  The Veggie Trek will consist of 12 Vegetarian Burritos for 2012.  We've come up with about half a dozen spots to try and hopefully can cobble  together six more.  The rules are thus: Eat 12 Vegetarian Burritos in the next year.  Yes, this seems pretty doable, but wait, there is a catch.  If we order vegetarian and they screw it up, that one doesn't count toward the total.  So, join us on this brave and ridiculous journey into the world of meatless burritos.  New episodes should be along shortly.

Oh, and we found a lost recording from last June that was never posted.  Look forward (or backward) to that soon as well.

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  1. You should go to Albuquerque! There's a great place called Ruben's over on Eubank and Candelaria if you ever are in-town.