Thursday, January 5, 2012

Burrito Quest, Lives?

Where oh where has Burrito Quest gone?  When Isaac left, Ben and Daniel tried to march on, but things got in the way.  Mostly Ben's newfound vegetarianism.  There is some hope that we can get back on track with a Vegetarian Trek.  We shall see.  In the meantime, here is a Burrito Quest: On the Road that Daniel recorded back in June.  It is, as far as we know (looking at you, Isaac) the only Burrito Quest: On the Road in existence.  It is also the only BQ episode recorded in the actual eatery from whence the burrito was purchased.  The firsts just keep coming...from the past!  Enjoy!

Qdoba (Brighton, CO) - Fajita Ranchera Burrito
Qdoba makes foil-wrapped burrito bombs.  They are large and made to order, a la Subway, right in front of you.  The endless combinations could be a quest in and of itself.  Apparently the tortilla itself adds substantially to the calorie count each burro.  Daniel's brother Jon steps in ably for added commentary, and gives an impressive rating for a guest commentator.

Ingredients: Fire-grilled red onions and bell peppers with our tangy Ranchera sauce (no beans), with black beans added.

Daniel - A chain restaurant that you like to go to.  It's pretty tasty but has a bit of a mass produced quality.  Maybe like Arby's.  I like Arby's.
Jon - Good sex.  I could have it three times a day.

BQ: On The Road - Episode One
"This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten" by Parry Gripp, used with permission. 

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