Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pepper's - Chimichanga Con Queso

Pepper's is the front end cafe (read: less fancy) for what is likely the most expensive restaurant in Las Cruces; The Double Eagle.  A true chimichanga, in all its fried glory, one would expect exceptional quality given the outrageous price of this burrito.  One would be disappointed.  We certainly were.  It wasn't a bad burrito, so much as thoroughly unexceptional.  We even try to dumb it down to our blue collar standards by ordering it with Seasoned Taco Beef.  This only reminded us how far from Taco Bell we had traveled.  Also, we must have blown our load the past weekend with so many guests on the quest, as we sound generally drained and dull through much of the recording.  Amy joins us with a burger and fries from the same establishment, and they turn out to be even worse than the chimichanga.  Ben continues to eat vegetarian, Burrito Quest notwithstanding.  Daniel worries about likely running out of burrito establishments in Mesilla sooner than expected.

Ingredients: "Seasoned Chicken Breast, Slow Roasted Beef or Seasoned Taco Beef laced with Chile Con Queso then stuffed into a crispy flour tortilla, served with Pico De Gallo"

Ben - Making a joke about something being retarded, and then realizing there is a retarded person there.  The joke is probably pretty funny, but it ends up pissing someone off.
Daniel - When your infants only wake up once, and briefly, during the night, but after that one time you can't get back to sleep.  Just like last night.

BQ3 - Episode Eight
"This Is The Best Burrito I've Ever Eaten" by Parry Gripp, used with permission. 


  1. I'd like to see you guys go to video format...or at least an occasional video. Then, we can see the burritos and your perty lil' mouths!

  2. You guys need to order it with chicken! That's why it was bad! For real,go back and get a chicken one. Change your life good.