Monday, October 5, 2009

Week Thirty-Seven

Our largest Quest ever, we have three guest questers, one all the way from Alabama.  Who knew anyone was actually listening to this?  Marty brings some class to the Quest by eating his burrito with scotch while wearing a dress jacket.  Ben disappoints by shaving off his lumberjack-like beard before we eat the Lumberjack.  Man, do we bust on Sage a lot on Burrito Quest.

Ingredients: Steak, Ham, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Ben - Swine flu, 1) I just thought of swine flu because we're talking about pork, 2) and I thought I had swine flu a little while ago and it wasn't that bad, for most people they can have it and they're going to be ok.
Daniel - Dr. Zoidberg, my second favorite character on Futurama, on the Futurama scale this is a solid Dr. Zoidberg.
Isaac - Pancakes at Village Inn, I've had better pancakes but those are a good standby.
Jenni - It's a ride on a swing, it isn't the greatest thing ever, but I can't seem to stop myself when I see one.
Robert - 4/5, it's definitely one that I would buy again, and it's one of the few times one of these burritos has made me full.
Marty - Great hangover burrito, it's got all your bulk and grease in one place, 4 Advils and a Gatorade.

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